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                                          Founded in 2010. CPE has been resolving to create a brighter future.


                                             Welcome to Changzhou University.Changzhou University is a higher education university constructed with the joint effort of Jiangsu Province, Petrochina, Sinopec and Cnooc. The School of Petroleum Engineering is one of the most distinctive features at the Changzhou University. The school consists of a professional experiment center and 4 undergraduate majors including oil-gas storage and transportation engineering, petroleum engineering, thermal energy and power engineering, building environment and equipment engineering. Oil-gas storage and transportation engineering is the key discipline and featured specialty of Jiangsu Province. Oil-gas storage and transportation engineering and petroleum engineering are the key specialties of Jiangsu Province. The school has 6 master's degree programs and 2 engineering master's degree programs.

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                                          School of Petrochemical Engineering at Changzhou University